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Top 10 Talent Management Solution Companies in UK - 2021

Cloud based talent management solutions are the new standard for organizations looking to replace or update the existing solutions. These solutions provide several advantages over on-premise solutions such as improved user experience, regular software updates, better analytics, and reporting among others. However existing on-premise solutions can be integrated into cloud-based services, which are contributing to the adoption of cloud-based solutions. The traditional and rigid recruiting practices are insufficient to tackle the recruiting challenges posed by diverse, modern and empowered workforce. To address the talent needs, organizations are supporting advanced automated talent management solutions. Leveraging these solutions enables organizations to establish talent match databases to support internal employee activities.

Guiding companies to find the finest talent management consulting companies, Manage HR has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Talent Management Solution Providers in UK – 2021.’ These organizations offer unique solutions that facilitate human capital management processes right from hiring people to retaining and developing the same. Additionally, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

On that note, we present the insights of the Top 10 Talent Management Solution Providers in UK – 2021 to help organisations explore and unlock perspectives that translate to desired business and operational outcomes.

    Top Talent Management Solution Companies in UK

  • Keystone Employment Group offers full temporary and permanent search and recruitment services for a wide range of sectors and roles. Keystone Talent Bank equips organisations with a complete suite of online tools for hiring and managing casual workers. The highly innovative Talent Bank platform allows organisations to bring all the hiring and management of staff into a single online application that streamlines the recruitment process as well as compliance and worker payment. Keystone Talent Bank has seen continual growth during 2020 (and now into 2021) from organisations wanting to engage and manage part time and contingent workers via online tools and move away from a traditional, paper-based and agency-centric approach.

  • Alchemus


    Alchemus has been ranked among the leading cloud based Talent Management Software Solution Companies across the globe. Established in 2000, the organization has strived to success with multifold industry experience and domain knowledge. With headquarters in the United States of America, we have successfully spread our roots to the most competitive environments and countries like USA, UK, Asia and Middle East. Alchemus is a fully customized and innovative application that automates and streamlines all the key business processes of your company to hire, manage, retain talent and allow them to internally mobilize and monitor their performance

  • Beyond360


    Beyond360's objective is to help companies create richer worker experiences leading to more productive, motivated and loyal employees aligned to company goals and values. Beyond360 has built a multi-tenant SaaS platform that brings all the pieces together in a social, easy way to use by giving employee’s one place to engage, develop and reward each other. Beyond360's suite of collaborative employee modules can be switched on or off at any time. They include unique employee surveys, real time feedback, training and development, job referrals, sales referral, innovation & ideas, wellness and reward & recognition

  • Headstart


    Headstart is on a mission to transform the way organisations hire. The firm enables its clients to hire a more diverse workforce. Headstart's solution uses Machine Learning and Data Science to transform the recruitment process, enabling clients to find the right high potential employees regardless of gender, ethnic status, sexual orientation or age. With major brands like Accenture, Lazard and Travelex publicly supporting our mission, Headstart is already improving the recruitment experience for candidates around the world

  • Q The Talent

    Q The Talent

    Q The Talent strategically partners with clients to identify, search, source, recruit and deliver key talent all over the world by utilising AI at various stages of the recruitment process, helping its clients provide a better candidate match. Q The Talent was established by a team of experts with diverse backgrounds in Management Consultancy, On-Demand Hiring Platforms and Executive Search. The company started with a mission and vision to connect companies with on-demand business talent for Project, interim and permanent vacancies

  • SquaREcruit


    SQUARECRUIT is a SaaS based Recruitment and Talent Management System with complete process frame work covering Application tracking, Vendor & Client management, AI and chat bot-based validation, Interview scheduling and management, video interviewing, real-time alerts and notifications. Also, SQUARECRUIT connects all stakeholders within Enterprises seamlessly and help them improve productivity by digitalising and automating all the tasks. Further, SQUARECRUIT allows Enterprises to communicate with external parties like end-clients, Vendors, sub-vendors and candidates and bring all stakeholders on one unified platform

  • Talent Strengths

    Talent Strengths

    Talent Strengths is an online psychometric testing and talent technology business and consultancy. The company specialise in delivering custom online psychometric assessments and talent management solutions for organisations. Talent Strengths use the latest scientific research insights and cutting edge technologies to help organisations make better more informed decisions with their talent. Talent Strengths services cover a wide spectrum of assessment types including Ability and Aptitude Tests, Motivation Assessments, Culture and Values Assessments, Knowledge Testing, Personality Assessments and more

  • TWM - The Working Manager

    TWM - The Working Manager

    TWM is a reputed provider of Learning Platforms with a team of former L&D professionals. TWM always work closely and in partnership with clients, helping to solve their problems and providing a holistic platform. Its partnership with industry career development experts, Talent & Potential, has enabled TWM to enhance their offering by developing the unique standalone CareerBurst platform. TWM also features on the Fosway Group 9-Grid – independent market analysis of key organisations in the digital learning market

  • VidCruiter


    Founded in 2012, VidCruiter is a popular web-based recruitment software. The company modernize hiring practices with its full suite of digital screening tools for all stages of the recruitment process. VidCruiter’s software helps talent acquisition teams save time, money, and headspace while improving the overall quality of their hires. With unlimited versatility and customization choices, VidCruiter is a complete online recruitment solution that’s built for hiring professionals by hiring professionals. VidCruiter brings value to most mid-to-large-sized organizations and makes it possible to hire great people anywhere on earth

  • Vitro


    Vitro guides you through key stages, corporate blueprints proven across clients from the public sector, private sector and PLC's. Formally Realtime Management (RTM), was founded by Michael Halling in 2012 following a career in business consulting, competency, IT and programme management. Vitro’s corporate blueprint has been proven across clients from the public sector, private sector and PLC’s. Team Vitro shares a clear vision to ensure they make a difference, promote adoption, embrace change and work together to create a measurable and successful outcome

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