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Top 10 Talent Management Consulting Companies in Europe – 2021

Mobile technology is expected to positively influence market growth of talent management solutions. The mobile-compatible talent management solutions empower HR managers to drive profits of organizations rather than managing employees and streamline employee communication. The incorporation of big data analytics into human resources management practices is gaining popularity among many enterprises and strengthening their business decisions. Big data analytics enables enterprises to implement data-driven programs and patterns that provide quantitative data. The advent of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence has led to the emergence of predictive workforce monitoring with distinct needs of engagement, communication, and recognition.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced talent management solutions. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed talent management solution providers as well as consulting companies, Manage HR has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Talent Management Solution Providers in Europe – 2021’ and ‘Top 10 Talent Management Consulting Companies in Europe – 2021.’ The enlisted organizations offer innovative solutions that facilitate human capital management processes right from hiring people to retaining and developing the same. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Manage HR’s, “Top 10 Talent Management Consulting Companies in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Talent Management Consulting Companies in Europe

  • Congentis is an independent innovative human capital agency and business development advisory committed to quality, integrity and confidentiality. Online: Congentis is an independent innovative human capital agency and business development advisory committed to quality, integrity and confidentiality. The company providez advice and helps fill key vacancies enabling and facilitating our partners to focus on their core business. These roles include also executive and other top-tier positions in management. Congentis looks for people with impressive academic qualifications, professional experience, and, most importantly, the drive to constantly improve. It combines its very own professional network with personal referrals and data-driven recruitment solutions. Upon identification and after personally interviewing each candidate regarding person-organization fits, Congentis provides specific services around contract review, relocation, immigration, taxation, and career planning to deliver a truly holistic HCM experience

  • 100W


    On the basis of the latest social psychological research in combination with the powerful AI methods, we have succeeded in capturing a person's personality from their texts. Based on their words, 100W gives insight into people's personality, relationships, feelings, mindsets and needs. In combination with consciously formulated words, our tool makes the unconscious in communication transparent. The company is currently using it in the areas of customer service, marketing and human resources - but the possibilities are enormous

  • Bluewater


    Bluewater is the consulting partner for learning and talent management that brings deep expertise for the implementation, operation, and ongoing optimization of learning and talent management systems in order to deliver business results. For talent leaders seeking a partnership that truly shares their problems and goals — and dissatisfied with the typical tech-first approach to problem-solving — Bluewater provides consulting for learning and talent management that gives clients renewed confidence and a vision for the future. Bluewater brings deep expertise to partner with clients for the selection, implementation, and operation of learning and talent management systems to deliver business results

  • Haufe Group

    Haufe Group

    Haufe Group SE began life as a successful publishing business. Over the decades, the company evolved to become a specialist provider of digital and web-based services, as well as an expert builder of agile and sustainable organizations. Boldly and consistently treading this path has made Haufe Group a pioneer of the digital transformation. Throughout its development, Haufe Group has welcomed change processes with an open mind, while the human element remains firmly anchored as a key success factor in its corporate consciousness

  • hfi


    hfi deliver leadership assessment solutions and services proven to streamline the leadership recruitment process and significantly improve the evaluation and development of leaders. For over 30 years, hfi have used science and psychology to help local and global companies recruit the best leaders for their organisations and develop them to reach their full potential. PeopleFactors is hfi’s flagship technology product, a leadership assessment platform that integrates Personality, Aptitude and Skills Assessments. Automating applicant evaluation for leadership level, function, and company fit. Unique to the industry, PeopleFactors removes the friction of candidate analysis with easy to understand scorecards that are managed with rank and selection using the Insights Analytics Dashboard

  • HG Solutions

    HG Solutions

    HG Solutions is a specialist consultancy focused on providing advice and expertise to leading global HR services and technology providers. In the last 15 years the organisation has accelerated the growth of many service and technology organisations selling to the HR and Talent Management community. HG Solutions understand what works and what doesn't work when providing HR and recruitment solutions, and have extensive insight into trends and buying patterns. Also, the consultancy develops and implements lead generation and sale nurturing strategies that result in greater sales

  • Infinity HR Solutions

    Infinity HR Solutions

    Infinity HR Solutions are based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Infinity is passionate about things related to Human Resources and Management. Talent Management, Performance, Management training, and Employee Engagement are its areas of particular expertise and interest. Infinity HR Solutions enables the firm to use its experience, knowledge and zeal to support Managers and Employers to improve their businesses and save time and money through Human Resource Management. Further Infinity houses a CIPD Qualified team with experience across many industries, in particular; Social Care, Education, Logistics, Financial services and Manufacturing, providing quality service that makes a difference

  • Pontoon Solutions

    Pontoon Solutions

    Pontoon Solutions deliver Talent Consulting, MSP, RXO and Onsite programs that makes its clients’ business fit for future and support them to achieve their strategic targets. The organisation is dedicated to creating additional value by co-designing recruitment and global HR advanced solutions and experiences with our customers. Pontoon knows that talent and technology will be the differentiator for CP&R companies in the future, and the firm will lead your organisation through this ever-changing environment

  • The Key Talent

    The Key Talent

    The Key Talent are a passionate team of human resources specialist, psychometric analysts, software engineers and digital marketing specialists. They are experts in digital talent and specializes in the recruitment and assessment of today’s most in-demand professionals. Further, The Key Talent have created agile platforms so that human resources have the tools that allow them to easily carry out more attractive, digital and efficient attraction, recruitment, evaluation or training processes

  • WilsonHCG


    WilsonHCG is an award-winning, global leader in total talent solutions. Operating as a strategic partner, it helps some of the world’s most admired brands build comprehensive talent functions. With a global presence spanning more than 65 countries and six continents, WilsonHCG provides a full suite of configurable talent services including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), executive search, contingent talent solutions and technology advisory

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